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"Combit Footwears is the top Branded Company in the Footwears Industry. We have almost 8+ Years Experience. We have Expertise in the School Shoes, Casual Shoes, Sport Shoes, Tennis Shoes, PT Shoes and many more. Our Products are made for both Males and Females with premium grade rubber, fabrics, leather, and allied raw material to make your daily life easy..."

In our daily lifes footwears are playing most important role. Cambit Footwears will assure you that we will provide you best quality products in the Market We produce a broad variety of footwear as a manufacturer, trader, and wholesaler, including safety shoes, sports shoes, children's shoes, girls' shoes, men's sandals, women's slippers, and more. Each and every product we produce is expertly crafted from the best rubber, EVA fabric, and complementary materials. We provide our customers a large selection of sizes, colours, styles, and prints for all of these shoes so they may pick the ones that best suit their tastes.

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Our Vision

In Today's life Our Footwears are playing Most Important Role. We all wear shoes every day to protect our feet when walking or running. A pair that both makes feet comfortable and fashionable is the ideal one. In the footwear industry, Mahalaxmi Polymers is keeping an eye on consumer trends and demands.

Total Years
We have 9+ Years Experience in the Footwear Industry.
Team Member
We have 30+ Footwears Industry Team Member
We have 50+ Footwears Products